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Welcome to Resilient Life Care

Approaching Life with Purpose

Our facility is an upscale home with seven beds for people with acquired brain injury. We are located just outside of Louisville, Kentucky in bucolic Oldham County. Residents of this 32-acre ranch will benefit from beautiful housing that is currently being remodeled with their comfort and safety in mind. This Kentucky equestrian-style ranch includes walking trails to view the beautiful scenery and horses. It is located near quaint downtown La Grange, which provides unlimited opportunity for community involvement. With all the beauty of rolling hills and trees combined with city charm, we look forward to all our residents approaching life with purpose.

Persons with moderate to severe brain injuries are often unable to live independently. Due to the constant need for assistance or supervision, they cannot safely maintain quality of life at home. This is due to two facts:

  1. Acquired brain injury affects every facet of a person’s physical, cognitive and emotional being.
  2. Families often lack the specialized training and resource management required to adequately care for the multitude of concerns associated with brain injury.

Resilient Life Care is designed and staffed to meet the needs that may overwhelm loved ones and family.

Resilient Life Care provides convenient access to many local resources in the town of La Grange, Kentucky, such as restaurants, movies and shopping as well as parks, museums and botanical gardens. Further, we work with local businesses to provide vocational and volunteer opportunities for those residents wanting more community involvement. For those in need of additional rehabilitation, we work with local rehab experts to provide in-home or outpatient therapy.

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Our Philosophy

Individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI) face obstacles that people with other types of injuries do not. Often, they have physical challenges associated with their accident. But they also deal with cognitive and emotional issues that can be lifelong. Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult conditions. This sentiment of our company name is at the core of our philosophy. Our goal at Resilient Life Care (RLC) is to assist all our residents to thrive in an otherwise overwhelming life situation. We believe that “Approaching Life with Purpose” means that our residents deserve a life that is active and meaningful. We seek to support them to remain healthy, have positive relationships and experience community. People thrive in a living environment where they are accepted, challenged and supported.


Who We Serve

Resilient Life Care (RLC) serves adults with acquired brain injury (ABI) who are medically stable, are not a danger to themselves or others and have the potential to interact with their community.

Residents at RLC should be willing to take their medications voluntarily. One of the biggest challenges for individuals with cognitive disabilities is the difficulty of being part of a community. This can lead to the feeling of isolation and the inability to fit in. It is important to feel a sense of purpose and belonging.

Our services are specifically for individuals with ABI and are provided by trained and caring staff. We invite you to learn more about RLC and contact us for more details.


  • Individualized treatment and group therapy plans
  • Case management
  • Healthy meal planning
  • Community integration
  • Supervision by well-trained staff
  • Recreation and leisure activities
  • Exercise activities
  • Computer learning
  • Community and in-house therapy available
  • Sleep studies available

People living with brain injuries require specialized services that most long-term care facilities do not offer. As innovators in brain injury, Resilient Life Care (RLC) is able to address neurobehavioral issues and provide proactive management of an individual’s needs. RLC offers a home-like setting with daily activities in a safe and secure environment.

We hope you will contact us to learn more about providing quality care for your loved one.

Scope of Services

Written information relating to this facility’s services and policies is available upon request.

About Us

Eric Makowski

Eric Makowski

Mr. Makowski is a healthcare executive with renowned business development and advocacy affairs achievement. He has lead rehabilitation and long-term care operations for brain injury persons, successfully expanding day program services that improve outcomes and level of care. Spearheading legislative initiatives to gain house and bill sponsorships, he assisted in achieving mandated health care coverage and millions of dollars in state funding. He effectively develops teams and engages employees to ensure compliance, deliver quality care, and consistently drive organizational growth.

Pat O'Reilly

Pat O’Reilly

Mr. O’Reilly is a healthcare executive with extensive experience in developing brain injury programs in new markets. He has facilitated the opening, growth and acquisition of programs across the country for major rehabilitation companies.  He began his career developing strategic relationships among his healthcare clients to improve market efficiency as well as the continuity and quality of care. However, he found his passion in brain injury and has since lead successful national post-acute development teams for major brain injury rehabilitation organizations.

Core Values

Resilient Life Care is passionate about being the first choice for adults and families in need of post-acute residential and community re-involvement services following a brain injury. In the same spirit, we want to be the first choice for the most committed, caring and skilled professionals to generously apply their talents in service to our residents.

We know that the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our residents will be a direct reflection of the alignment between our core values and our actions. Our pledge to you is that we will remain vigilant to stay the course.

Clinical Excellence – Commit to safety and clinical greatness.

Teamwork – Trust, productive conflict and accountability produce team success.

Residents Before Self – Resident needs and wishes supersede our own.

Admit Mistakes – Maintain credibility, take corrective actions and move on.

Stay Hungry – Lifelong learning inspires new solutions.

Persistence – Adversity never lasts forever, but purposefulness can.

The mission of Resilient Life Care is to create a safe and encouraging restorative living community for persons with brain injury where each individual can approach life with purpose.

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Resilient Life Care is excited to open our new facility in La Grange, Kentucky. As a home specifically designed for individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI), our trained staff and peaceful landscape provide a wonderful environment for our residents. Visit our website frequently for new photos of our latest renovations and new developments.

If you or a loved one want more information about our services, we encourage you to contact us and even schedule a campus tour.

1512 W. Hwy 42
La Grange, KY 40031

For more information, please contact us using the form or call us directly.

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