Short-Term Stay / Respite Care

From time to time, families may need a place for loved ones to receive care on a temporary basis.

Short-term stay or respite care exists to give primary caregivers a temporary break from your care duties. It might be a couple of hours a day, a few times a month, or for entire weeks while you take a much-needed vacation. Family caregivers are dedicated to making their loved ones’ lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable, often at the expense of their own personal care, mental health, career, and social relationships. The goal of a shortterm stay or respite care is to prevent caregiver burnout so that you can continue caring for a loved one in a healthy way.

You may need this service for:

  • Family respite
  • Waiting for home modifications
  • Surgery recovery
  • Wound care
  • and other occasions a short-term stay is required

Resilient’s short-term stay service is the right choice to provide day, overnight and/or extended care.

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