About Us

Our Philosophy

Individuals with acquired brain injury (ABI) face obstacles that people with other types of injuries do not. Often, they have physical challenges associated with their accident. But they also deal with cognitive and emotional issues that can be lifelong. Resilience is the ability to withstand or recover from difficult conditions. This sentiment of our company name is at the core of our philosophy. Our goal at Resilient Life Care (RLC) is to assist all our residents to thrive in an otherwise overwhelming life situation. We believe that “Approaching Life with Purpose” means that our residents deserve a life that is active and meaningful. We seek to support them to remain healthy, have positive relationships and experience community. People thrive in a living environment where they are accepted, challenged and supported.


Core Values

Resilient Life Care is passionate about being the first choice for adults and families in need of post-acute residential and community re-involvement services following a brain injury. In the same spirit, we want to be the first choice for the most committed, caring and skilled professionals to generously apply their talents in service to our residents.

We know that the quality of our services and the satisfaction of our residents will be a direct reflection of the alignment between our core values and our actions. Our pledge to you is that we will remain vigilant to stay the course.

Clinical Excellence – Commit to safety and clinical greatness.

Teamwork – Trust, productive conflict and accountability produce team success.

Residents Before Self – Resident needs and wishes supersede our own.

Admit Mistakes – Maintain credibility, take corrective actions and move on.

Stay Hungry – Lifelong learning inspires new solutions.

Persistence – Adversity never lasts forever, but purposefulness can.

The mission of Resilient Life Care is to create a safe and encouraging restorative living community for persons with brain injury where each individual can approach life with purpose.

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